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Preclinical safety data

Intra-cardiac impulse conduction delays were observed in dogs with a no-effect dose of 15 mg / kg (7-fold human exposure based on Cmax).

Accumulation of foamy alveolar macrophages in the lung was observed in rats and mice. The no-effect dose in rats was 25 mg / kg (5-fold human exposure based on AUC) and in mice 750 mg / kg (142-fold human exposure).

Gastrointestinal symptoms, particularly soft faeces, mucoid faeces, diarrhoea and, at higher doses, faecal blood were observed in dogs. A no-effect level was not established.

Vildagliptin was not mutagenic in conventional in vitro and in vivo tests for genotoxicity.

A fertility and early embryonic development study in rats revealed no evidence of impaired fertility, reproductive performance or early embryonic development due to vildagliptin. Embryo-foetal toxicity was evaluated in rats and rabbits. An increased incidence of wavy ribs was observed in rats in association with reduced maternal body weight parameters, with a no-effect dose of 75 mg / kg (10-fold human exposure). In rabbits, decreased foetal weight and skeletal variations indicative of developmental delays were noted only in the presence of severe maternal toxicity, with a no-effect dose of 50 mg / kg (9-fold human exposure). A pre-and postnatal development study was performed in rats. Findings were only observed in association with maternal toxicity at >= 150 mg / kg and included a transient decrease in body weight and reduced motor activity in the F1 generation.

A two-year carcinogenicity study was conducted in rats at oral doses up to 900 mg / kg (approximately 200 times human exposure at the maximum recommended dose). No increases in tumour incidence attributable to vildagliptin were observed. Another two-year carcinogenicity study was conducted in mice at oral doses up to 1,000 mg / kg. An increased incidence of mammary adenocarcinomas and haemangiosarcomas was observed with a no-effect dose of 500 mg / kg (59-fold human exposure) and 100 mg / kg (16-fold human exposure), respectively. The increased incidence of these tumours in mice is considered not to represent a significant risk to humans based on the lack of genotoxicity of vildagliptin and its principal metabolite, the occurrence of tumours only in one species and the high systemic exposure ratios at which tumours were observed.

In a 13-week toxicology study in cynomolgus monkeys, skin lesions have been recorded at doses >= 5 mg / kg per day. These were consistently located on the extremities (hands, feet, ears and tail). At 5 mg / kg per day (approximately equivalent to human AUC exposure at the 100 mg dose), only blisters were observed. They were reversible despite continued treatment and were not associated with histopathological abnormalities. Flaking skin, peeling skin, scabs and tail sores with correlating histopathological changes were noted at doses >= 20 mg / kg per day (approximately 3 times human AUC exposure at the 100 mg dose). Necrotic lesions of the tail were observed at >= 80 mg / kg per day. Skin lesions were not reversible in the monkeys treated at 160 mg / kg per day during a 4-week recovery period.

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